When attending classes

Mats are available to borrow

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, you may like to bring socks/jumper/blanket/cushion/water.

All classes are currently online via Zoom. 

Monday 9:30-11am

Funky feet Dance school

1 Langley Rd, Chedgrave, Norwich NR14 6HD

Hatha yoga

A gentle class suitable for all, including beginners of all ages

and those with injury or less mobile.  

lots of variations given depending on requirements of students. 

class starts with pranayama (breathing exercise)  

moves on to asana (postures) and ends with relaxation.

A lovely way to start your week!          £8


Monday 6:45-7:45pm

The Library annex

31 Church Plain, Loddon, Norwich NR14 6EX


A mix of vinyasa and Hatha.

A class designed to build strength and tone the whole body. A challenging class taught with humour and encouragement. Ends with a restorative relaxation.

Will leave you feeling stretched out, relaxed and refreshed.

Improving your health, fitness and mental wellbeing.          £7


Pregnancy Yoga

The Library annex

31 Church Plain, Loddon, Norwich NR14 6EX

Tuesday 30th April- Tuesday 4th June

Tuesday June 11th- Tuesday 16th July

Tuesday 30th July- Tuesday 3rd September

       7:00-8:15pm Pre book only


Thursday 7:30-8:30

The Library annex

31 Church Plain, Loddon, Norwich NR14 6EX


A class designed for beginners.

A mix of vinyasa and Hatha.

Great for students new to yoga or returning after a break. 

Exploring a range of postures using the breath to unwind

while improving flexibility and strength.          £7

Private lessons

One on one relaxed sessions suitable for beginners or more advanced.

Introduction to, or further exploration of postures. Can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

1 Hour class

Location can be arranged to suit.          £30

Fitness for future mothers
Group Sessions

classes run every week unless otherwise stated, please like and check our Facebook page for up to date details

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