Yoga classes designed with equestrians in mind.

I have ridden, owned and worked with horses for the last 30 years.  

I've done everything from mucking out, being a professional groom,

working as a yard manager to backing, teaching and schooling.

While I am in no way saying this makes me an expert , I feel that it does give me an excellent insight to how we function as equestrians. 

I know too well the pressure we put our bodies under as equestrians, often carrying injuries we pick up along the way. Most of us just keep going and accept that this is how our bodies feel, well…good news….you can feel better! 

No matter what level you ride at,

my aim is to help you to feel like a stronger, more secure and supple rider.

We will be improving your riding, confidence and wellbeing.

What’s not to like ?

I would say, that whatever level we are at we are always looking to improve. 

I have practiced yoga for many years and I have been teaching as a fully qualified,

 insured and registered teacher for the last 5 years.

Would you like to Improve your riding without even getting on your horse ?!

I am now running 6 week courses of                     

Yoga classes designed with the equestrian in mind.


The next online course starts on the 21st June 2021.

There will also be drop in places available each week for this course.

see the booking page for more details.


On each course we will look at

 Engaging your core effectively to encourage the correct use of your seat .

Working on the specific muscle groups that prevent you from being able to achieve the optimum leg position.

Making you feel more secure and stable in the saddle through balance and flexibility.

Working on symmetry in the body and muscle awareness.

These classes will also look at your breathing and how to relax.

This is not a spiritual yoga class,

but we will look at how you can positively influence your body to create more confidence when riding and dealing with horses.

we will also discover how your breathing influences your riding and confidence.


These classes will be offered at your yard or a venue near you.


Contact us for details.


Currently when classes are offered online via Zoom,

they also get posted on a private YouTube page for you to catch up with or repeat if you wish.

Click the link below to go to the booking page .